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Power Rack & Bench for a Home Gym


My father asked me to recomend a bench press/power rack for his home gym.

I'm guessing he would spend between $1000-$2000.

What are everyone's opinions on buying a power rack/bench/pullup combination?

I've looked at elitefts.com and ebay.

Oh yeah and below is a picture of his current(from the early 90's) bench (I hit a 365 lb bench press on earlier today. It brings new meaning to variety work).


I bought a power rack off craigslist for $200 dollars. Works perfect. But if hes looking to spend over a grand, then I would recommend elitefts.com


Yeah I'll keep an eye out on craigslist. Thanks for the advice.


Check out the width of the bench. I think the back support is so small, that this might be a completely different exercise than conventional bench press.




Thanks for the link!


No problem, Steve built my main pieces of equipment for me.


Why spend the full grand when you can get something just as good for less tho?


Big James,

What type of equiptment did Steve build for you? Was it of high quality? Can you provide any pics?




Heres a bunch of stuff for 1600$


I have a powertec rack. It's sturdy as can be, and sells for a quite reasonable price. I find the only downside to it is that the hole spacings are a bit larger than some other racks.

I don't use bands and chains and whatnot though, and elitefts's racks have all sorts of features for this kind of stuff. They're also apparently super sturdy, and their hole spacings are better.

Overall if your budget permits, elitefts is probably the way to go, but if you're looking for bang-for-your-buck, I recommend the powertec, which cost me around 500$.



Thanks for the reply, I saw powertec racks on ebay.



He built me my power rack and my lat pull down/low row combo. Both are very high quality and with 3" tubing. Here are some pics.


Lat pull down/ low row combo


This guy has built a lot of stuff for me, his quality is top notch and cheaper than elite.


Looks like you have a pretty nice setup!

Thanks for the pics.


Cool stuff.


Try www.legendfitness.com, I used them for a power rack, plate loaded lat pull/low row, incline utility bench and flat utility bench.

Very happy with the prices, service and quality of the products.


I have short legs so I really like my iron mind bench. If that's not an issue i would recommend the ironmaster bench. It's really sturdy for an adjustable bench.

I paid around $300 for my rack and it works wonderfully. Hole spacing is a bit wide but other than that no complaints.


New York Barbell has some good stuff.