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Power Pushup and Power Drive

Anyone tried the power pushup recommended in “stuff we like”?
Also, I tried the old power drive and it kind of coagulates into one solid block in the container (the w/ carbs version). Any problems with the new version?
Thanks in advance.

I have the new version of Powerdrive, and it does tend to get a bit solid… I just shake the tub for 20 seconds, and that loosens things up.

I haven’t had any problems with the newer Powerdrive solidifying in the container.

That old bottle of Power Drive must have been sitting around a long time. (Especially since Biotest went to the no-carb version over a year ago.) Anyway, I haven’t heard of the new formula doing this at all. I “lost” one-third of a bottle in the back of my supplement cabinet for months and never had this problem.

I have had the same problem with powerdrive and just shake up the container. No big deal. I have been using the power pushup 2 for several months and love it. Unlike Chris(Just kidding man) I can do all 6 red bands for 25 reps!

I’ve got the power pushup 2. I travel a lot and its easy to throw it into a bag or suitcase. With a little creativity to you can do a decent upper body work out (rows, curls, flys, push ups, “bench” laying on your back, upright rows) so its great to take on the road. But, its not something i use on a day to day basis.