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power program


I have done quite a few programs on t-mag and this time I want to make my own. I am going to write what I will be doing and any comments are welcome. Thanks
I am looking to become stronger and more powerfull with speed.

MONDAY push pull
Flat bench press 3x5 then 2x3 using 85%of 1rm and lifting as fast as I can
Pullups 5x5 with whatever weight I can handle as fast as I can (both bench and pullups will not be fast because of weight but I will be TRYING to move them quickly)
Snatch grip cheated upright rows 4x6
Dips 4x5
bicep curls 4x5

Tuesday Legs
Squat 5x5 80 - 85%
Deadlift 5x5 80-85%
One legged back extentions on 45* back raise 3x10
Side raises on back extention
bench press 10x2 using 60% explosive
Pullups 10x2 same as above
Not sure what else to include
Squat 10x2 60%
Deadlift 10X2 off 4 inch block
Reverse hyper 3x12 60% (My school just got this and it looks like a reverse hyper made by body masters so who knows but i will use it)
ABS with ab roller, cable crunches standing up 5x5 for both

This is what I came up with, it may suck. I just tried to use some westside ideas in other exercises. I am doing Judo and I hope this will help with power. If this sucks let me know! Thanks