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Power Plates for MMA?


do any of the pro fighters use power plates, anyone know? not counting mark walberg


AFAIK, no one who is serious in any discipline uses power plates.


I think this would fall under the over thinking it thread.


They don't use power plates but they do use this device


I suggest you go find that reason somewhere else then.


I've worked out with NCAA all-americans in wrestling, gymnastics, volleyball, and football. I've worked out with Marines on both coasts. I've worked out with power lifters that think you should be breaking 1600 raw before you bother to go to a meet. And I've worked out with fighters who make their living pounding other people's heads into mush.

Never once among all these powerful people, some of whom hold records in their sport, others who rely on their fitness to save their life, have I ever once seen one use or heard one recommend "Power Plates." Ever. For anything.

I appreciate that you're trying to make a buck, but maybe you should be selling to the Planet Fatness crowd.


hahah well I did kind of like the line that it works your body from the inside out.

Me, I like to start with the skin and work inwards when I'm training.


It vibrates. It works from the inside out. Is it a dildo?


My gym has one of those vibrating things. It tickles.



Put a bottle on top of it and you've just invented the Sybian.


what the hell is a power plate??


I've heard that power plates are great, but it's basically just foam rolling. I've always wanted to try one and see how it makes me feel.


Probably pretty cool if just put your balls on it or something.


vibration plates on your balls increase testosterone levels 300%. All fighters vibrate their nuts.



I have no first hand experience RE power plate training. I have heard several anecdotal accounts from otherwise trusted sources that they are in fact cool/nifty/valuable. Accounts of benefits seem to focus on at least transient increases in ROM/flexibility and better recovery post exercise or injury.

However the plural of anecdote is not DATA.

I have read zero peer reviewed research on their use and am unaware of any legit multi-year studies of benefits (not that those would ever exist outside of the now defunct Soviet Sports System or the PROC).

My strong suspicion is that Power Plates suffer from the same issue as many other novel/nifty/cool training or therapy modalities. The dollar cost to benefit ratio is a bit wonky. It looks like a power plate unit costs some where between 3-11K. For that scratch you can buy a hell of a lot of other things that can benefit an athlete. 3K buys a lot of PT, Chiropractic Care, soft tissue work, etc. for recovery. 11K can probably get a PT, DC, etc. into your gym a couple times a week for a year at least. For that matter it will almost certainly get a serviceable boxing/wrestling coach involved with training. The dollar cost is also competing with replacing old equipment or buying other training aids. If you are training fighters which do you think is the less risky investment?

If you can pick up a unit cheap it is likely worth it, but most facilities can probably find other uses for the funds that have known benefits.


Fucking wipe off the equipment when you are done.

First of all "slippery when wet" is not an attribute I needed all over the gym.

Second, we are going to refer to whatever the hell that was as sweat.

Got that?


I slipped and fell on sweat.

That is all.


Robert A


Go ask one of these "accredited strength and conditioning coaches" then.

When they laugh in your face, make sure you come back and tell us who you asked.


Bro, your own profile lists your occupation as "Power Plate Trainer." You've posted almost exclusively about this expensive and unnecessary piece of equipment all over this board (when you're not asking for non-military combat training for god knows what end). No one is interested. We have real fighters and real trainers here, who really fight, and who have learned from real fighters and trainers. When we want to know what works, we ask them. When we want a good laugh, we read your posts. Kindly come up with some new material so that we may keep laughing or, as I've said before, take it somewhere else.


i think I was onto something about the T increase by putting your balls on it. At the very least your girl could sit on it and you get the dryer effect.




Dude said mechano receptors, rhythmic fashion, cymatics and finely machined osciliation curve... in one paragraph.

How are you people not sold on this!?!?!