Power PCT Protocol

So I am in need of some advice from you guys.

I recently came off after being on for ~8 months. Towards the end of the cycle I was running 500mg test p, 300mg tren ace along side of adex EOD.
Libido was in overdrive, was having sex 3-5 times a day. Rock hard erections.

I knew I was going to be shutdown hard, eventhough I had been running some HCG. So I figured I’d try out the “Power PCT” protocol.

Day 1-16 : 2500iu HCG every other day.

Day 1-30 : Nolva 20mg/day; Clomid 100mg/day (50mg was taken twice per day)

Day 31-45 : Nolva 20mg/day

Though I didnt have that much HCG avalible, so i did 1500iu every 3 days for the 16 days.

Im at day 23 of my PCT atm and body recovery has been good. Im high at energy, mood is very good, I retained almost all my gains, think I lost like 1kg(?) since cycle.
My balls are back maybe at 70% from original size but my libido is completly gone. I want to have sex but I can’t, Im not getting turned on by anything really and the only way to get erections is with viagra, even then it’s no where near as hard as when I was on cycle without any viagra. I get maybe 60-80% of what it should be.

So Im wondering what I should do?
Up my doses?
Add more hcg?
Wait it out?

Is it still too early to tell? Any and all help is welcome.

P.S: I cant get any bloodwork done, since it’s deemed illegal to cycle over here. At best, Im looking for your educated guess’s.

Also this is my first time using Clomid, so I dont really know what to expect here.

Anyone? Any experiences at all regarding this?

Maybe you have high estrogen? You are using SERMs but no AI?

only hormonal blood test can answer your question. please do them

think I should add some adex? Dont want to fuck shit up even more.

If I could, I would. But where I live you can only get it prescribed a doc and they wont do it when its not a medical condition; ergo; cycling, not legit excuse.

Leaving me to at best guesstimate.

Quick update.

Seems I needed to wait a bit longer. I had a girl over the other night and my junk was firing all over. We had sex multiple times throughout the evening, everytime without the need of any viagra or anything like that.

Though Im not any real morning wood or spontaneous erections. And I think Im not getting as hard as previously, maybe 80%.

Still, only 30 days into pct, dropping the clomid and running last 15 days on only nolva.

Thanks for your inputs guys.