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Power PCT, Advice Needed


So guys could do with some advice please if anyone could chime in.

I’ve been blasting/cruising for 11 months now and due to unforeseen circumstances its required for me to come off.

Unfortunately I haven’t been using HCG on cycle. I’ve been looking at the most relevant PCT available for my situation and I have repeatedly come across DR schally’s PCT protocol, also referred to as ‘POWER PCT’.

I have an understanding of the protocol however I cant find a definitive answer on when to start the PCT, should be 14 days after the last pin? I’m currently cruising on 150mg test e.

it seems like more are saying start on the 14th day but would it not make sense to start he HCG on the day of the last pin so they clear the system together with HCG being suppressive?

Quick background on the compounds used – Test e, Winstrol and anavar. Nothing super suppressive like tren or deca but non the less its been 11 months and there is definitely atrophy that has occurred.

Any advice would be appreciated, especially from anyone who has tried this PCT.