Power Pants - USAPL Legal?

I normally train in Inzer power pants. I haven’t used a suit in some time. Is it legal to wear the power pants under a singlet?

USAPL if they compete under IPF rules, then no.


A standard commercial �??athletic supporter�?? or standard commercial briefs (not boxer shorts) of any mixture of cotton, nylon or polyester shall be worn under the lifting suit.
Women may also wear a commercial or sports bra.
Swimming trunks or any garment consisting of rubberized or similar stretch material except in the waistband, shall not be worn under the lifting costume.
Any supportive undergarment is not legal for use in IPF competition.

If they use WDFPA rules then no,



  1.  A standard commercial �??athletic supporter,�?? or standard commercial under-briefs of any combination of cotton, nylon or polyester (but not swimming trunks or any other garment consisting or rubberized or similar stretch material except in the waistband) shall be worn under the lifting suit.  The garment shall NOT have legs; the garment may NOT act as a girdle and may NOT be supportive or extend past the hips or navel. Power briefs are NOT permitted.

So I guess the short answer is no.

Hmm, I figured since the singlet was not supportive aka not a suit, briefs would be ok. Thats kind of strange.

I guess I"m getting a Z suit, lol.


God bless you man for wanting to get a Z-suit. I believe that everyone should start off with that suit so they learn how to deal with the pain… but I’d consider just bypassing it man and going for something better. I am in love with Titan suits, but that is my POV. Just make sure you try a lot of em man so you can tell what you want.

I think I’ve really kept a secret from you guys by the way I’ve worded this question. I just haven’t done a meet in years (school has been a prioritiy).

I’ve used two suits in my life. The inzer champ suit, which was a great way to get into equipment. My second suit, which was a big step up was a METAL V-type Viking. I do not know how the METAL compares to Titan, but I am sure its on the same level. I know the Titan’s are great as well. I have a friend who swears by the stuff.

I’ve just been happy using lesser support recently. Its helping me work on more core strength so when I eventually go back up to high end single ply, the added poundages won’t destory me. Plus I lift alone and getting into high end really tight gear just isn’t going to happen.

I’m just looking for a suit w/ no learning curve as I’d have 2 cycles to get used to one before a meet I plan on doing at the end of March.

I guess a better question is, which is closer to a power pant cut, champion or Z suit? If the Z suit is just better, I’d order that.

[quote]Synthetickiller wrote:
I guess a better question is, which is closer to a power pant cut, champion or Z suit? [/quote]

go with the z suit or maybe even a hardcore. and yes, power pants and briefs are illegal in usapl competition.

[quote]Synthetickiller wrote:
I guess a better question is, which is closer to a power pant cut, champion or Z suit? If the Z suit is just better, I’d order that. [/quote]

The champion is the same cut as power pants. I have used both Z-suit and Champion and get no difference in lifts with either.

Thanks guys.

What is the difference technically between the z suit and the champion suit? I know the z suit has some different leg stitching so it holds in place better, but it seems to me like a gimmick.

A hardcore will take some time to learn the groove and get adjusted to heavier weights, so thats out for now. I’d just go with a METAL if I was going that route.

The briefs are illegal.

My opinion for suit with no learning curve would be the Champion. It, to me is most like a brief. Decent suit for the price, then you can work your way into a better suit. You’ll find as many guys that like the Titan vs. Metal. As in all things tt guys who squat most like you and see what they say.

The Champion won’t give you a heck of a lot more weight in my experience, but it definitely helps outta the hole and with confidence. I’m gonna guess about 25-50lbs over raw.

I get about 100 lbs w/ my wraps and briefs over just a belt when I squat. So you are right when the suit can give 25 to 50 lbs.

I like the Metal b/c this was the first suit that I was able to put on and take off w/ easy while still getting a huge carry over. I lift alone, so a suit that requires a could people to get in isn’t going to work.

Right now, I am low on cash and with the cost of getting a USAPL card and recently replacing a belt, I wouldn’t have much cash left over for a shirt, so I’m trying to keep it low cost for now.

The Titan is $150.
The Metal is $163.
The Champion / Z suit is $42. LOL.

Thats where the price point is.

Another reason I went METAL instead of Titan originally was the fact that I benefit a lot from the stopping power of the viking material instead of a much tighter suit that I can get a good spring out of the hole. It seems that the Titan / Inzer suits need to be tight to give a good bounce out of the whole while the viking material doesn’t have to be super tight to give good support. I don’t know how well the regular material is. Its porbably closer to the Titan / inzer stuff.

Now the other stuff from Inzer like the TRX, I have no idea.

I hear ya about low on cash, I mean I’m never gonna set the world on fire and I do it for fun, but we’ve got 2 seperate federations around here, USAPL and AAU. A bunch of infighting or something and there’s good meets on both sides, but each only really has about 2 a year. (That is close enough to go to on a “fun” basis.) So instead of 4 meets, I get to go to 2 unless I want to shell out for another card. I know its only $40 or so, but its kind of the principle of the thing. There shouldn’t be any BS in powerlifting world. At least on a local level. That being said, there are some excellent folks on both sides.

Good luck, and I wanted to mention also to remember to train raw without the briefs periodically. You probably knew that though.

You hit the nail on the head. There’s other feds around here, not just USAPL. WABDL and APF are within driving distance. There’s probably one or two I’m missing.

With my schedule, not just cash flow, its hard to do more than 2 meets a year. I plan (so long as school permits) on doing a meet in another state about 45 minutes away in March and another in-State in November.

Dropping another 40 to 80 bucks on a fed card(s), as well as learning double ply for APF would be crazy hard to accomplish. I barely have time to train as it is and finding time to do a meet is difficult.

If you check out my log, I typically only use the briefs on 70% of my max or higher so when I do my worksets w/ 80%, I’m used to the added support. I squat another time or two during another session without equipment. I also squat a second time raw in the session that I use the briefs.

Thanks again guys. I appreciate it.

I cannot recommend Titan equipment enough. If you are using Inzer products now, my condolences to your inner thighs. Inzer briefs seem to be too loose is some areas and too tight in others. The Dual Quad Boxer Briefs NGX+ from Titan are a HUGE step up from Inzer briefs and go up high enough on your torso to anchor with your belt (although like all briefs, they are not universally accepted by PL federations). The Titan NGX Super+ is a comfortable suit that once it is broken in, easily slides on but still provides massive support. The material they use is easier on your hands when trying to put your suit on, too. Inzer used to leave me with bloody knuckles. I don’t have experience with Metal suits but they are a safe bet.