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Power/Olympic Squat in Same Workout


I've done this before in the past, and am considering resurrecting this squat workout. basically I power squat for 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps followed by olympic squats for 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps. is there some hidden danger here i don't know about, or should i NOT be doing this for any reason? if so, can you guys fill me in?


and thanks to whichever mod edited my thread title. yeah the original title kind of sucked.


Seems like it would work if it fits with your goals right now... I'm not quite sure why one would though. What are you trying to accomplish? (not an attack, just curious)



Maybe front squat + power squat would be better -- you'd still hit the quads and the posterior chain but you'd be sparing your low back a double pounding.


i concur


I like to do a progression I borrowed off Dan John: moving from most difficult squat type to easiest while increasing weight.

So I warm up with 3x3 on a light OH squat, add weight for 3x3 on front squats, then ramp up my heavy work in PL squats.

If I added in oly style, I'd place them between front and PL squats. If you stick to low reps per set (<=5) you won't exhaust yourself too soon.


A typical workout for me (taken from CT) is:

Lower Body, PChain-Dominant
Upper Body Push
Upper Body Pull
Lower Body, Quad-Dominant

For the first LB exercise I'll use Box Squats, Wide-Stance Bowerlifting Squats, Good Mornings or RDL's. For the last, I'll use Front Squats, Oly Squats, or Parallel Squats with a very close stance. However, I agree with the consensus that two exercises with the bar on the back is tough. If I want to do Oly Squats or Close-Stance Parallel Squats, I usually do RDL's (or maybe GHR's).