power of the mind

I am going to boot camp in 2 weeks, and the prospect of not being able to lift for 7 weeks or more isn’t making me too excited. Recentally I have been reading some of my old text books on mental training. I know that the mind is a great tool, but can I use visulization during my time away from weights to keep some of my strength and form?

I pretty sure you won’t have time to give a shit.

The only down time will be bed time…

Good luck…


I was a lot more concerned about not being able to spank the monkey for 10 weeks. Really, as soon as the lights go out at night you will be asleep and during the day you have so much information to memorize that there won’t be any time to visualize workouts.

On the up side, though, you will come out ripped and really primed for a bulking cycle.