Power of Higher Dosages Steroids vs 250mg/Week

Kind of a open question here

I’m taking 250mg test-e a week, so far it’s kinda ridiculous.

It wont be for too long though.

Just how much powerful is 500mg? 750mg+dianabol? Tren, deca, etc?

I don’t plan on ever trying it, just asking because I am curious.

It makes you superman


expand on that

It’s a joke… I can’t really say what the difference is between 250 and 500… dbl the test?

Well personally I know the difference between 125mg and 250mg for sure

Gives you 2 to 2.5 times extra strength. :grin:

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Why will you never try it?

That was the dumbest posts I’ve read in a long long time… funny tho… can’t believe you brought that back, baka… thanks…haha.

Haha thanks @baka for the laugh!!! The effects of the gear really depend on the person. If you don’t plan on ever trying it, then why even ask??? You are at the wrong place to be asking stuff like that. You are better off using Google… At least Google won’t call you an idiot or a puss. You are in the wrong place man. Shoulda just stuck to the test question by itself

No desire to do so and no point for me.

I don’t mind being called names on the internet, the point is since I can tell exactly what I am taking is doing to my gym performance I think it would be interesting to hear what other people who take them for real feel it’s doing to their own performance.

I don’t use big doses but I like to use tren. Tren is great for cutting if your diet is right. With tren ace I see great results in just a few weeks.