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Power Movements for Baseball

I was just wondering if anyone here could give me any advice on what particular power movements might be the most beneficial for a catcher. Although I play Division 1 college baseball, the training program for my team is horrible, and I have been doing my own workouts for the entire off-season (switching between hypertrophy and strength training). With two months to go before the season starts, my training partner and I are looking to focus solely on power movements that will benefit us on the diamond. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

In my experience, over development of the pectoralis major can impeed your ability to pull the ball and also reduces your power.
If I was going to suggest any exercises, I’d say concentrate on the big lifts (squats, deads, O lifts, etc) and improve your overall strenght and power first. Then pehaps use some more sport specific exercises that work on power/strength transfer from the lower body through the trunk to the upper body (lumber jack chops, torso twist, etc.)
Just remeber that power is determined by speed and strength. But, if your strength isn’t sufficient, then the speed of contraction can be irrelevant.
Check out the X-Comp article by Doug Santillo to get some sets/reps scheme suggestions.