Power Look vs Simple Guaranteed Size and Strength

Curious as to if anyone has run them both?

How they compare ie:

Workout time
Strength increase
Athletic increases
Cosmetic results etc

I’ve run both.
They are not that far off each other.
I didn’t do the power look to the T, unfortunately. BUT I can say that the 5x6 reps at 80% buried me, it’s a hard AF program. But it’s great fun.

SGSS is one of the best programs I’ve done for the past couple of years.
The 5 sets of 8 is really tough, but once you get to the 5’s and 3’s it’s nice and the 54321 is a great way to peak anything.

So pick one run it to the T then do the other. It’s a matter of commitment.

I had better results on SGSS. I enjoyed it more, too. Some of the high intensity stuff in The Complete Power Look took a lot out of me (the partial reps using pins). I also picked smarter exercises for me when I ran SGSS so I was training more efficiently. I’ve run SGSS twice and had great results. I’ll probably be applying the double progression model to my training for the rest of my life (at least part of the year).

Here’s my review of my first time through the program.

The second time I ran it I had to modify some movements due to hip pain and weakness. I dropped squats and did rear foot elevated split squats and box squats. I hit 225 lbs for an easy single on RFESS by the end.