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Power look + Quattro dynamo


I'm looking to incorporate some direct trap work into the Quattro Dynamo workout. I like the Power Look, but I think it's probably too much. Any suggestions would be welcome and appreciated. Thanks.




Your traps will get PLENTY of work on the QD program. I suggest you stay with the plan as is.
If you're not satisfied with that advice, throw in 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps with face down trap raises on a 60 degree incline bench, twice each week.


Thank you very much. BTW not to blow smoke up your ass, but, I gotta say every one of your programs I've tried so far I love. IMO you're one of the best around, again thanks.


Wideguy I just finished Qd by the 2nd week my
shoulders were sore as hell.



I'm not doubting that the program hits the traps. It's just that mine are lagging esp. compared to how wide my back and shoulders are.