Power Look Program with DB Bench?

Hello question regarding power look program. Love the price gram and I had great strength gains using the program before I substituted front squats with back squats but no other changes.

My question is …I have stopped barbell bench pressing due to several minor pec strains during the last year. I figure my bench days are over. If I wanted to run this program with dumbbells what would that look like? Or do you have a similar program that can be used with dumbbell bench?

It can be used with DBs the same way, just use the total weights of both dumbbells to calculate the proper weights to use. Maybe use a little bit lower % to compensate for the energy expended to bring the DBs in the starting position

Great thanks any advice on how to adjust some of the assisted exercises if I change the routine using dumbbells?

No offense, but I don’t have time to revisit the program and go exercise by exercise to see whch one can be substituted. Understand that I’ve written thousands of programs if you include those in articles, for clients, for products that I sell. I don’t remember the exact content of all of them.

And while I do devote a specific time period to come answer questions on my forum, I don’t have time to go re-read an old program and analyze it to adapt it to someone’s needs.

If you ask me specific questions about exercise substitutions I can answer, though.

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