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Power Look + Conditioning WOD

Hi coach,
after watching the crossfit games I always get inspired to add a bit more conditioning to my training.
What are your thoughts on running the power look programme, training 4 days per week. Keeping the main lift + 2 assistance exercises as normal, but doing the optional bonus work as part of a circuit eg Bench day ( pull ups/press ups/rower etc ).
Squat day ( lunges/hanging leg raise/farmers walk etc )
This is not my idea as I have seen someone else was doing this in an older forum, but I wanted your feedback.

Thanks in advance for your time

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That is fine but but keep the same spirit as the smarter Crossfit programming: WODs of 12 minutes or less. I like Ben Bergeron’s approach in which he favors a very high intensity in the WODs but for shorter durations.

Good choices of exercises would include:

Front squat day: walking lunges, farmer’s walk, Yoke walk, box jumps, skipping rope, airdyne/assault bike, pistol, normal stationary bike with a lot of resistance, prowler pushing, thrusters

Bench press day: rower, rope climb, hand release push ups, pull-ups, ring rows, dips, ring dips

Deadlift day: KB swing, Zercher carries, prowler pushing, broad jumps, power clean, hang power clean, sumo deadlift high pull, tire flip

Overhead day: handstand push-ups, battle ropes, macebell swings, sledgehammer striking, thrusters, overhead walk, bear crawl, wall-ball


thanks coach, congrats to alex/carol-ann too!