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Power Look Circuit


CT - My office allows a short gym break once a week at our work gym, which is crazy busy during common gym hours. Barbells and racks/benches are hard to count on.

Can you suggest a power look-inspired circuit that can be performed with mostly KBs, DBs, pull-ups, battle ropes, and box jumps that can be completed in about 30 mins? I am trying to figure out ways to use push press, front squat, and chin-ups in some fashion. Thank you.


How heavy are the DBs and KBs?


DBs go up to about 90 or so, KBs are only up to 50 but at least they’re in pairs.


Any help would be great, I’ve been overthinking it…


Sorry slipped my mind. I’ll get to it soon


Thanks! Appreciate any help


CT - I tried this recently and it seemed alright… Just toying around with it the first time.

25 mins: Ladder reps of 1-2-3.
A.1-arm kb thruster (did specified reps per arm)
B. Chin-up

CARRY - 5 mins: As many rounds as possible.
KB bottoms up carry 30 meters per arm, holding a heavier KB in the opposite hand at my side.

The first part gives me an easy starting point for progression, just try to beat the total rounds completed. I might add reps to the chinup (2-3-4 to make it slightly more challenging, sets of 1 rep were too easy.