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power lifts for size?

ive been doing strength only movements for about 8 weeks. everything heavy. deads,cleans,snatches, bench and 1arm press. all exercises are done 4-7times a week. never to failure. sometimes 2times a day. i periodize and usually end up with something like 2 steps forward and 1 back. i start every workout with warming up and
6 30 yd(60-90% effort) sprints.
cleans/snatches (alternate every workout)
bench/1arm (alternate every workout)
core(heavy side bends, saxon side bend, leg raises, bruce lees, medicine ball, roman chair)
all exercize are :
warm up thouroughly
quikly jump(1 rep or so of each weight) to working weight. then before doing 1st and heaviest set i do some sort of partial or static with a considerably heavier weight for just 6 seconds or so. then i drop a heavy negative, under control and not to failure. next i start my first set which is usually 90-95% and go for 1-3 reps. set 2 i drop 10% of set 1 and go for another 1-3 reps. never to failure. i do this for each lift–clean/bench/dead and then go through the above core “circuit” doing just 1-2 reps of each movement(i could probably do 6). i go through the core circuit once or twice and then im done. all my lifts have gone up. i usually get a personal best at least every 4th workout or so.
heres the clincher and the reason i am asking for input. when i started this workout 2 months ago, i was 195 and around 8% body fat. im now solidly at 200 and definitely leaner and harder looking. i havent been paying too much attention to diet(im usually a stickler, writing it all down) but i know im eating no more than 3500 cals a day. and probably 200gms of protein would be a heavy day. SO, im losing fat, gaining muscle, gaining strength, training more often,eating less, resting(sleep)more. im never sore( i only do 9-10 reps of ANYTHING a day) except occasionally in my elbow joint. im getting ready to phase out of this routine but am hesitant simply because of the gains i am making. i am probably going to up the volume and start eating 5000k a day again. obviously i cant train the same if i up the volume but should i pay attention to the gains ive made with this low rep/heavy weight protocol; try to keep the weight heavy and less reps when i start volume?
i know ive left alot blank but im waiting for questions and answers.
thanks guys,

6’1" 200 7%bf
26 yrs old. training for 3yrs
bench 350
dead 500
1arm 105
curl 165
chin bodyweight plus 100# on chain belt for 3
power(hang)clean 255
power(hang)snatch 195