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power lifting meet ?

im going to compete in a push/pull meet in 1 month. this will be my first meet.
im currently using a westside lifting template. any pointers on what i want to do to prepare for the meet?
do i want to ease up on volume the week before? how about ME work?
i benched 300 last week after my speed workout. it was tough but id say im good for 315 or a little more.
i pulled 495 tonight(ME squat) and am probably good for 535. id like to try 550 at the meet.
these are raw lifts. i dont think i will use any gear since i would have so little time to get used to it. i am, going to try a belt next week and see how it affects my deads.
im also weighing between 202and 206. im thinking of trying to get down to 198 (this wont take much work at all).
i will post my ME workout i did today to give you guys an idea of what im doing.

ryan b.

the week before the meet do a max effort 1 board press and work up to your opener and then take 315 to see how you do…if you miss try it off 2 or 3 boards to make sure you can lock it out and this will act as your second attempt at the meet …then on dyanmic day do speed work some high board presses for 3-5 reps…then take the week of the meet and rest rest rest…for the deadlift i would do reverse band deadlifts for max effort day the week before the meet to see what you can handle…then do some speed deads on your dy squat day…and of course rest rest rest the week of the meet…also i wouldnt worry about your weight this meet i would actually try to gain 10-12 pounds of water weight the week of the meet dont diet down for your first meet…go buy yourself some cell tech and protien powder and mix 4 scoops of cell tech with 3 scoops protien and drink this mix 3 times a day for 7 days before the meet do it inbetween meals…this is a good trick youll come in about 215 and set pr’s trust me…big martin

hey big martin,

thanks for the advice.

ME squat workout was as follows:

gpp/warmup: tire sled+45lbs 100ydsx2
snatch 135 3sets of 3

safety bar box squats
2" below parallel: 65x6,115x6,155x3,205x3,245x3,265x3,295 failed

sumo dead:245x1,335x1,
425 for 8sets of 1rep(30-
45sec rest)

ass to grass front squats:
135x5 ,185x5,185x5,185x5,185x5,135x10

glute ham: bodyweightx10
blue bands x6
" "x6
" "x6
bodyweight x10

core work: landmines 70x10,x10,10
super setted with straightleg raises
3 sets of 10

i usually do more core work and more sets on glute ham but i was fried from manual labor all day (up at5am off work at 3pm, trained at 4pm).

my weak point on my deads is definitely off the floor. im not having any problems with the last 25% of the lift. i felt the 495 a bit on lockout, but could lock out ALOT more.
do you still think i should work the bands on my deads?
im currently doing sumo on ME day(after squat work).
usually around 90% for 8 sets of 1.
on speed day i have been pulling conventional but off a 5" block(after speed work for squats).
ive been working both conventional and sumo because im trying to figure out which works better for me. they both feel strong so im just going to keep upping the weight till i figure out what my max is. my best max so far with conventional was 475(not a true max, nor was my 495 today. maybe 95%…) but that was a month ago( i just hit a few heavy singles after my speed work to see what i could do). im sure i have more than that now.
also on my bench: im not going to use a shirt and the last 4 inches of my lockout are very strong. should i just be working 2 board presses alot? what do you think about dumbell work for an anccessory lift after my ME bench? ive read db’s should help me off the bottom if im not using a shirt. so, should i just work ,say,2-boards and pin presses from my weak point?

thanks again,
ryan b.

big m,

the meet is on a saturday, so my last day of training should be my ME bench on sunday(6 days before) then? should i do my DE squat/deads on monday? how about gpp/extra workouts/recovery workouts, for the week?
the ENTIRE week off? really? im afraid ill forget what the heavy weight feels like:) actually im kinda being serious here. last time i took 10 days off i felt week when i returned to lifting (ehh… i guess that could have been from the vacation…:).
thanks again,
ryan b.

i think its time to post a training log. ill do that tomorrow.

look at the old logs and see what we used to do. I would ideally not do anything after tuesday. But thats me.

what is a landmine?

Im with goldberg i wouldnt do anyhting after tuesday…you could do some light rep work on monday and tuesday of the meet week but i would take it very easy…just some light assitant stuff for the deadlifts like pull throughs, band gm’s, and light ab atuff…and for the bench you can do some light dumbell work and some light tri and lat work but take it easy just get some blood in there…i understand what your saying i am the same way if i take a week to 10 days off i feel like i loose a ton of strength too…but trust me if you do some light work on mon & tues then take the rest of the week off it will be best…and its not like training youll get to the meet and some much adrenaline will take over youll loose all those heavy weight fellling half way during the warm-ups…plus if you use those weight gain techniques i told youabout youll come in felling so full and strong and well rested trust me…big martin

I’m a poster boy for not dieting down for your first meet. I ended up cutting too much and it probably took around 100 pounds off of my total. I won’t cut for another meet until I can be competitive at the national level and being in a lower weight class could mean the difference between winning and losing. Right now it would have to be a pretty small meet for me to have a chance to win whatsoever, so there really isn’t any point in me cutting. If you follow Big Martin’s advice you should do pretty well. Good luck!

By the way, if you can pull 550 at your first meet competing at 198, that’d be fucking awesome. Let us know what happens.

cool guys. thanks for all the great advice.

greekdawg, landmines: those twists with an olympic bar stuck in a corner. the “landmine” is just a device that lets you stick an olympic bar in its rotating sleeve so you dont have to put the bar in a corner. its awesome for core work. ive been doing 3 sets of 3 with a t-bar handle attatched to the bar at 100lbs. VERY tough.