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Power Lifters vs Olympic Lifters

I understand that power lifts and olympic lifts are different, but why are they different? Don’t lifters benefit from both?

Is there a real difference in strength between power lifters and olympic lifters?

Why? Because different goals


Depends on your definition of strength

Kind of a weird question. Like, it’s two totally separate sets of competition lifts.

Again - super weird question. Olympic lifters are stronger at the O-lifts and powerlifters at the powerlifts.

They’re just too different to compare.

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Studies have shown a statistically higher chance of the former still living in their parent’s basements.


But seriously, this question is too vague. Who are you referring to? How are you comparing them? Amatures? Elite? Weight class? Then you have the issue of leverages. 100 percent of top oly lifters have similar body proportions. Powerlifter’s proportions vary as much as their preference of cartoon character dolls.


I can stand behind this lol. Although it’s my own room, not the basement. Lol


Imo there is probably more of a carry over between olympic lifts to powerlifting then powerlifting to olympic lifting. Maybe not so much the bench press but if you’ve trained with olympic lifting and you’re strong, you most likely will end up to be a good deadlifter and squatter.

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Dukie dropping his knowledge bombs.
Front squats messing with your mind bro.

Bench. Squat. Deadlift.


I’ve been reading some Eastern Bloc literature and have uncovered the following guidelines:

If you are slow, fat, move like the tin man, are uncoordinated or a bit dim and you have enough conditioning that you can manage to waddle up to the equipment and can move it an inch (your ROM can be adjusted to that inch) then you are relegated to powerlifting. They also lock you up in their dungeons so others aren’t exposed to you.

Otherwise, you have enough gifts to Oly lift.

In western cultures, the invisible hand seems to do this naturally without the need for government intervention.


Fixed it for you, the only big three youl ever need.

Where are the crunches broooo


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Short answer …yes

I guess that I am learning that power lifters lift more raw strength. They can put up ridiculous amounts of weight on their lifts. Olympic lifters put up less raw strength on the squat, bench, and deadlift but lift quite a bit a weight on the olympic lifts.

Long answer Yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss

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Powerlifters will, on average, bench, squat and deadlift more than olympic lifters, because thats what they train.

Olympic lifters will, on average, clean & jerk, Clean & press, and snatch more than power lifters, because thats what they train.

If you want to put them into nice neat little categories then yes, powerlifters are generally better examples of raw strength, and olympic lifters are better examples of technique and strength speed and strength coordination.


I understand that football players and basketball players are different, but why are they different? Aren’t they both athletes that do things with balls?

Is there a real difference between throwing a football and shooting a basketball?


Depends on what you mean by strength. Generally speaking, powerlifters can move more weight and weightlifters can exert more force on a bar. Which of those things do you mean when you say strength?

I understand this analogy. It is the same with MMA and Boxing. I guess, I just put them in the same box as “people who lift weight.”

I dont think you understood his analogy…