Power Hooks, Proper Usage?

I picked up some Power Hooks because i kept wrenching my elbow and/or shoulder hoisting dumbbells for seated db presses and incline presses. I want toe break the 120lb db mark, the most i ever did for seated presses about 2 years ago before I kept injuring myself. I’ve tried them for 2 sessions, and I think I’m doing something wrong.

I use a Smith machine to hook the dbs to. There is a Smith with a thinner bar which I haven’t tried. I have problems getting the dbs unhooked, unless I start more directly under them. If I’m under them or not, due to positioning and gravity, I have difficulty clearing large dbs away from the bar.

I fixed this by pushing the bench back hard after I unhook, which slides it enough so i can clear. Is there a safer or better way? I was thinking of the cage and resting a barbell on safteys, which I could slide the bar away. I don’t know, any videos?

www powerhooks com if anyone is interested. The first time, I worked up to 90lb, today I got 4 sets with 100lbers but I had an accident. Didn’t wrench my shoulder or elbows, so I think they serve the right purpose. WIthout the hooks I can do 105 to 110 these days, but I did take a 2-3 week layoff so I’m trying to take that into account.