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Power/Hang Snatch Video Critique



I hope I don't offen the real lifters with my puny weights, but I just recently started incorporating snatches into my training again.

Since I don't have acces to a trainer at the moment I was thinking people here on the board could help me out with my form!? I find it rather difficult to spot mistakes myself....

thanks for any help


looks to me like you are jumping more than than generating maximal vertical hip drive. but then i've read that some coaches teach by telling people to vertical jump, so i don't know... what happens for you when the weights get heavier?? maybe it sorts itself out...


Good finishing position, but the bar was way out front during the pull. Virtually no power from the hip extension went into that lift.

  • Need more hip extension
  • Keep bar closer to center line.


Be more patient with the bar. You are you standing up fully. Keep the shoulders relaxed, and just stand up with the bar.

After you adjust to the speed/coordination of using the triple-extension thrust efficiently, you'll fire your shoulders upwards while simply turning the hands (always squeezing the bar) over.

Bumper plates and calibrated bars often make a loud "ping" noise when the extension is used correctly.

DO NOT stick your hips out to try and meet the bar/gain momentum. The bar meets you. Stand up.