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Power/Hang Cleans


I just want to make sure - power clean/hang clean should be treated as strength-speed movement when making a template? So it fills both sections for the day, like this:

Jumps + cleans 3/5/1 + squats 3/5/1 - not optimal.

Cleans 3/5/1 + squats 3/5/1 - better.

And should the 2 barbell movements- principle be applied to the clean, even when done light. Like this:

Cleans fsl 5x3 + Squat 3/5/1 + Press 3/5/1 - not optimal.

Cleans fsl 5x3 + Squat OR Press 3/5/1 - better.

I know this is not the most important thing in the world. I can just do all the three movements in same workout, and still be alive and strong. But I'm interested about your view because you're the maker of this program.


I would like to know the answer to this as well. I know cleans are put before squats or deadlifts, but do they replace the supplemental movement?