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Power/Hang Cleans in Smith Machine?


I was laid off in March and had to drop my expensive gym and go to $10/month place; that has no barbells. Is there any point in doing power or hang cleans in a smith machine? I know the T-Nation answer is change gyms but right now I can't. Thanks for the feedback.


Nope, don’t waste your time


they don’t have any barbells in the gym? Snag one from a bench press station if you have to.

Get some dumbells and do single arm dumbell snatches or dumbell cleans.

I don’t even think smith machine cleans are possible. If they are I wouldn’t want to try them.


That would defeat pretty much the entire purpose of the movement, would it not?


Thanks everyone for the reply’s, point taken. Hopefully I’ll finda job soon.


I definitely agree with the suggestion to do DB cleans (either seated like westside, or heavy, with shouldering it) and snatches


I’ve never tried it, but you might be able to get away with high pulls in a smith machine. But like others have said, there are better alternatives.


[quote]dfreezy wrote:
Nope, don’t waste your time[/quote]



I very much like the average, non-counterweighted smith for tricep and shoulder training… But olympic lifts in the smith machine? That’s really pushing it.

A gym without barbells… And I thought Germany was bad when it comes to the availability(or lack thereof) of well-equipped hardcore gyms…