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power/groove briefs

I have a question for the PLers. I just recieved some groove briefs that I ordered from the Inzer site. I used their size-weight chart for ordering. I am 230 lbs, and ordered size 13 briefs. I cannot get the things even half way up my legs. I realize that they are supposed to be very tight, but I am ignorant as to anything along the lines of shirts, suits, briefs, so maybe there is a technique to getting them on that I am missing. I just wanted to get some feedback to make sure that they are too small before I swap them for another size. Thanks for any assistance you can provide

If they are the underwear type briefs you need to send them back. Be sure to get the power pants. the underwear groove briefs(without legs) are not worth anything.

well if you went by the inzer size chart your right you will need ot send them back they will be way to small…yesterday at the doctor i weighed exactly 270 and i wear the power pants that are sized by the inzer chart for a 320 pound person…so if i was you i would go up to around the 275 sized suggestion…bm

The Groove briefs from inzer always run small. Go with the powerpants.

I had the same problem with my inzer briefs–I was really pretty embarassed to have to ask for directions to put on underwear here.

Goldberg–why are the briefs which lack legs worthless?

I am not saying you are wrong, and I do not really know much about powerlifting equipment yet, but I use legless briefs, and they do seem to reduce the pain in my hips from old injuries.

the support they give is minimal at best because there are no legs.

Thanks for the help guys. I feel better knowing that they are too small. I was thinking that if by some miracle I was to ever get those things on, my legs would lose all circulation and fall off and my voice would go up by about 3 octaves. Im gonna exchange box em up and send em back for exchange.

I just decided to purchase my first pair of power pants as well. I ripped my fifth pair of boxers squating wide so i figure at the rate I’m spending money on them I might as well get the health benefits.

My lifts are still light but it seems that most people wait too late to start protecting their hips and end up with hip problems. Might as well help the situation before it starts.