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Power for the poverty stricken

Hey all you Manimals and T-vixens alike, as many of you know from several of my previous postings I am but a mere starving college student constantly scraping together change for protein powder and canned tuna, and was just wondering what, if anything, you guys have done when the money is to tight to fullfill the ever rising supplament costs. For about a week before I finally managed to re-stock my protein supply I was making a homemade postworkout concoction that actually wasn’t too shabby. I simply tossed 3/4 cup egg beaters, a banana, 1/2 cup nonfat yogurt, and a tablespoon of sugar in the blender and presto! 56 grams of carbs 23 grams of protein. Just curious if any of you have ever tried such things when times get tight? and if so please share.

Hi, I don’t know what the cost of protein or eggbeaters is around you, but where I am, protein powder is way cheaper than eggbeaters gram for gram.

I am the only poor college kid in here?

A good cheap Protein plus carb meal is the ganola cereal from quaker 1/2 cup of this stuff gives you 220 cal 34 gr carb 5 gr prot 8 gr fat. Throw in a scoop of my favorite cheap protein at 110 cal 23 gr prot 1.5 gr carb 1.5 gr fat and you are set. I buy my supplemental protein and complex carbs from supplement direct they are cheap and good.

The only reason I could swing the natural food ingredients was the good graces of my mother’s refrigerator actually

Dystopiate is correct. If you use the “buy two get one free” deal or buy it from an online discounter, Grow! is around $1.83 a packet. Egg Beaters are at about a buck a carton around here. Also, keep in mind that, according to John Berardi (and he provided a study to back this up) your body can only use about half the protein provided by raw egg products. So basically, you’re paying almost a dollar for around 12-14 grams of protein.

Robusto, what about just good old skim milk for PW, liquid meals being the best in this situation. Granted the slower acting protein wouldnt be as good as whey for PW, but on a strict budget this is probably the best bet, milk is also decent in glutamine content.

Buy in bulk, do you have (or your mom) a Sam’s club or Costco near you? Chicken breasts and tuna are pretty cheap there, but you have to buy alot at once. A whole turkey can be a good bargain, cook it, cut it up and freeze or,eat it for a week. Don’t get the self basting kind -too much fat.

I’m in college and i certainly know where you are coming from when it comes to food. but as far as suppliments go, i work far a GNC distributer, and i get shit cheap as hell there…
but let me tell ya what…it can be a bitch when none of the area grocery stores have chicken on sale…some time it goes up to 5.50 a lbs. i just wait till it comes done around 1.99 then i load up on it. the look of the cashier’s face is priceless when i toss 20lbs of breast on the old belt…then it gets even better when i toss a few cartons of eggs and a couple of the biggest damn bags of brocili i can find on it…

I drink alot of milk and eat a lot of eggs. Ill go to Cub foods and get three gallons of milk and two crates of eggs at a time. The last time i went a woman asked me what i was going to do with all those eggs. She looked suprised when i said i was going to eat them. It only costs like 2 dollars for 30 eggs with my discount card so i buy alot of eggs.

Alas! I have amassed the funds to restock my GROW! supply. All is good in T-ville now.

Buy Cottage cheese in bulk man! one of the best natural sources of glutamine hands down, and it aint that bad if you use some fresh fruit and some sweetener

I almost forgot, since you are doing it post workout, you could toss the cottage cheese in your shake for a ton of easy protein and up your high GI carbs(like adding another banana) to make a perfect post workout meal

skim milk should work fine for PW, skim milks’ insulin index is up there with dextrose.