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Power Factor Training

Developing Cool’s point has anyone heard about “J” reps developed by Brian Johnston. Apparently it involves reps in both the weakest and strongest part of the movement avoiding the sticking point- a sort of variation on 21’s without the full motion I think.

[quote]CoolColJ wrote:
How about partial reps in the weakest range of motion?

You just might get stronger everywhere else :slight_smile:


In the weakest range it’s obvious the poundages used would b MUCH less than those used in the strongest range. Heavier the wgt. the more growth stimulus.

By starting in ur strongest range (eg. 1/4 squats) u begin using maximum poundages from the very start and by progressively & systematically increasingly the distance the bar travels thru use of the graduated power rack U eventually end up using a MUCH heavier poundage in the WEAKEST range than U prevously were capable of.

To some degree, but you will need full rom to maximze strength.

I tried power factor training years ago and found it close to worthless. I could squat and deadlift over 500 lbs and bench over 300 so I had a decent strength level.

I got weaker and smaller, and yes I did it by the book. I think it’s a worthless traing system.

My deal w/ PFT is that for me (a garage lifter w/ only a power rack,barbell,plates) it’s quickly becomes just too much damn trouble to mess w/.

Initially it worked great for me.

^I am NOT saying that PFT isn’t the most productive way to train (it is w/out a doubt). It just gets to be alot to deal w/ to have to load 12 - 45lb plates then unload them to move on to another exercise. I bet this ^ is the #1 complaint of any garage lifter whose tried PFT.

i’ve tried it years ago it goes in the garbage right beside HIT.

[quote]TestOnly wrote:
IF someone applied PFT rules exactly as they are in the book the first thing I would suspect is overtraining. It’s VERY easy to OT w/ PFT, it’s that intense and it humanely impossible to consistently gauge the inroads one’s training is making. I’m growing like a weed.[/quote]

Dude did you lose like an avatar bet or something??

[quote]relentless41 wrote:
i’ve tried it years ago it goes in the garbage right beside HIT.[/quote]

Bro I gotta disagree w/ U. I’m always suspicous when someone bad mouths PFT. IF the principles are properly applied extreme growth is the only outcome that’s possible. As I’ve said B4 - Beleif in a program is the most important thing, above technical correctness.

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