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Power, Endurance w/ Limited Equipment


hey guys im a martial artist and im looking to improve my explsive power and muscular endurance
any increase to strenght in strength or size is ok but those are my top priorities.
strength work outs i am capable of designing but i dont know how i should set up for plyometrics and explosive movements

was thinking of using; jump squats, speed snatch, single leg squats or striders. clap push ups and push press but im not sure what sets and reps to use

i have 2 barbels and 2 dumbell handles and about 200lbs in plates and thats it. No rack or bench or anything to do pull ups on, tried a door frame and nearly pulled it off the wall.

im 20, 5'9, 165lbs,
M press 80,
ATG Squat 180,
Deadlift 220

thanks in advance guys im fitting this in with training twice a week aswell


Try this: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/staying_power


How often can you lift?

You can basically do any kind of workout you want, 5/3/1, westside, etc

but all designed around the deadlift and clean & press. Work on pushup progressions (all the way to one hand pushups and one arm Handstand pushups). Fyi if you need somethign to do pullups on go to a park. If you’re at a park this opens up a whole other realm of shit you can be trying. go to: www.beastskills.com and peak around.

limited equipment doesn’t mean much at all you just have to be creative. unfortunately unless you’re very weak you’ll top out your strength potential on 200lbs very quickly. So you will NEED to get more plates. Check craigslist for relatively cheap deals. Also garage sales. People give away weights all the time.

just for shits and giggles…

Day 1:
Deadlift (either work up to a max or do 5sets of 5)
Pistols (5 sets of whatever) (http://beastskills.com/Pistol.htm)
Full contact twists (4x12)
barbell complex
– bent row, hang clean, front squat, push press, back squat, BHN push press
– 3-5 sets of 5 (or just keep going for 5min)

Day 2:
Handstand Pushups (http://beastskills.com/Handstand%20pushup%20beginner.htm)
power clean & press 10x2-3
1 arm dumbbell snatch + bent row (superset)

Day 3:
Speed snatch (5x5)
weighted jump squats[only need bar weight at most] (5-10x1-2)
Power clean (5-4-3-2-1)

Day 4: (park)
Front lever (http://beastskills.com/FrontLever.htm)
Flag (http://beastskills.com/Flag.htm)
Pullups (http://beastskills.com/OneArmPull.htm) or (do 50 total, increase by 5-10 every week)

find a nice flat (or a hill if you have brass balls) that is about 100m long. on one end place one dumbbell, on the other end place another.

10 1 arm swings per arm
sprint 100m
10 tuck jumps
sprint 100m
10 1 arm snatches per arm
sprint 100m
10 burpees/sprawls
sprint 100m
10 1 arm clean and presses per arm
sprint 100m
10 squat jumps (ass to grass)
sprint 100m
sprint 100m
sprint 100m
sprint 100m
(yes 4 back to back sprints)


Next weeks goal is to beat your time.


for a guy starting out, I’d just go basic bodybuilding split until they’re familiar with the lifts and have developed some basic strength levels. 3x8-12 set/rep scheme with full body splits at least 3 times a week. I don’t want to get into a “skills training vs strength training” debate here, but with the weights you’ve listed, you could benefit from putting skills on the back burner for a few months while you raise your strength levels a bit.

It doesn’t have to have a fancy acronym to work


I just read the part about your limited equipment.

Main lifts:
Bent over rows
clean and press - only if you know how to do it or someone can teach you
standing press

Secondary lifts
Straight leg deadlifts
upright rows
wheelbarrow walks (or just grab your dumbells and walk around with them) or put the bar on your back and run around with it
get a rope and drag weights across your yard or park
floor press
dumbbell snatches - as long as the weights won’t fly off your dumbbell

I dunno, I lifted like this throughout highschool in my garage except I did have a bench to do presses on, and to hold the bar so I could do squats.


Do you have access to a consistent training partner? Because there are some great partner resisted exercises that you can do to improve explosiveness and strength endurance.

Like slimjim said though, your strength numbers are pretty low, so spending some time developing a good strength base might be a good idea.


thanks guys, sorry my pc has died so not been able to get online
thanks again for the advice i’ll try what nova said for now seein as my money is going on a new pc this month once i have the cash i’ll get more plates and switch back to strength

Nova, i train at taekwondo twice a week and i have a physical job outdoors which i’m at 3-5 days a week