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Power Eating


Well guys...I figured some of you would enjoy this. Especially you "fat fasters". I am training for our state PL Championships in May; and will enter in the Sub-Master Class (33-39) at 198lbs. In order to increase my strength, I decided a couple of weeks ago to get from what my weight was (195), to 220 by the 1st week of April; then cut back to 198 over the month of April; hoping to lose the fat, but keep most of the strength. I am "on" currently, which is assisting in my weight / strength gain. So....I am the happiest I have been in 10 years, stuffing my fat face with whatever I want. Here you go "fat fasters", my intake from yesterday: 7:30--protein shake, 9:00--five whole eggs, two pancakes, an order of sausage and an order of bacon, wheat toast, 12:30--smoked turkey salad w/ bleu cheese dressing, one turkey hoagie w/ chips, 3:00--protein bar, 5:30--3 scotches and 3 beers, 6:30--cheesticks w/ marinara sauce, Trout Almondine, mashed potatoes; shrimp cocktail, corn, rolls and butter, one diet coke (hehehe), 9:00--yogurt and a supersize fruit plate, 11:00---4 tablespoons of PB, one protein cake, 2 handfuls of nuts. I have gained 12 lbs in 10 days. I am a fat SOB, but strong as shit. All my pants are so tight they are riding up my ass, due to my fat ass getting fatter. My wife had to turn off the lights to have sex with me the other night. I don't care! I couldn't be happier !!!!


Hey JRR, if you read my posts on bodyfat, you'll know that I'm not a big fan of ultralow bodyfat levels. Since I stopped trying to have a ripped midsection, I've been happier than ever. I'm not fat by any means, and I don't plan to get fat. I'm probably around 12-13%, and only have four pack, but boy am I feeling good? The best part is that my libido is way up (pun intended!). It is ironic that magazine covers portray guys with ultralow bodyfat as sexy, yet the first thing to go when I get lean is my sex drive. I think once I get up to 185lbs, I'll diet down to 175 for fun and see how ripped I can get. I'm 5'7" and 170lbs right now. But that will just be for fun. I don't think I will enjoy trying to maintain that kind of condition.


Hahahaha...JRR, you're a classic. I'm sure some FFers are drooling on their keyboards as I type. Just when I start to think about dieting for appearance, I hit a PR and remember that PL rules. Like HYok said, I feel better both physically and self-esteemically(you know what I mean) when I'm in the 10-13% range rather than stressing over a pound or two. Nothing worse than getting buried in the hole by a weight you've done before.