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Power Driving Exams

Alright guys i need some advice. Ive got exams coming up and was wondering how stuff like Power Drive and MD6 could help me revise and how i will fair in the exam. I was wondering, A) Has anyone else used powerdrive, MD6 for exams or revision, and B)TC, Chris, Bill, Brock, any of the biotest/T-man crew, what is the best way i can use both powerdrive and/or MD6 for exams/revision? Ive got a 3 hour exam coming up with a 10 minute break halfway through, is there any sort of dosing you could reccommend i take in order to keep me functioning optimally? By the way im working towards my human physiology degree so that one day i may to be an authority like you guys, cheers.

I’ve always taken PD before exams. Typically, I’d begin taking two servings per day, about a week before the exam. On the actual exam day, I’d take one serving in the morning and one serving about 45 min before the exam. I love the stuff! As far as adding MD-6, I have tried that as well. I didn’t really like the effect seen, as the high levels of tyrosine combined with the norephedrine and yohimbine caused me to become shaky and very anxious. However, I felt as though taking 200 mg of caffeine along with PD about 45 min before the exam works the best for me. Hope this helps.

I love PD for studying, but when I’ve used norephedrine (Syntrax Adipokinetix, in my case) I’ve had a little more of an edge, but not enough to be off putting if I use only one pill (25mg nor, 100 caffeine, around 5mg yohimbine, if memory serves). Mr. Willson’s advice sounds good, but you might respond better to norephedrine than he does; I personally kind of like that extra edge. One thing I definitely avoid if shaking/jitters is a concern is a lot of yohimbine. That stuff makes me shake and break out in a sweat far more than anything else, even at only 10mg (or maybe I got an extra potent batch). Good luck on the exams!

Powerdrive is a necessity during final exams. It works really well for job interviews also. Of course one can only truly experience the benefit of power drive when they’ve been up for two days straight. Then go to the furniture design studio for 12 hours, almost fall over from physical and mental exhaustion, and then go use the table saw :wink:

I used it all the time last quarter during my finals and late night study sessions. I also took Adipokinetix at times. I definately think it helped, as I have a hard time concentrating on Russian grammar

I disagree with you guys. For finals this year, i took four servings of powerdrive a day all through march, six servings a day in april, and eight each day of may, up to the week before the finals, when i cycled servings of PD like this: 10, 12, 15, 12, 20, 24, and then the final day, I did the full 36 servings in a cooler, sipping on it nonstop, even while sleeping. I still failed all my exams. I probably should have studied a little, but I guess Power Drive ain’t so miraculous, eh? Next year, I’m just going back to putting the books under my pillow while i sleep.

Skip the MD6 and go with the powerdrive .Check out some research articles on the benefits of powerdrive’s ingredients at the LifeandSport site under improve exam focus .