Is it applicable to use POWERDRIVE b4 my 3 hour long classes in night school so i can keep my concentration levels up? Or should i just use some of the ingridients separately from the formula, and which ones in particular? thanks pk

Power Drive is a very popular study aid product. Use it any time you need to be “on” mentally. TC and I both use it before writing Atomic Dogs. Good stuff. Add a caffeine tab if the prof is especially boring.

Hey Chris, how would you feel about combining an E/C/A stack with Powerdrive as a study aid? Would it be overkill? Thanks.

Depends on when you’re studying. In other words, don’t jack yourself up too much late at night or you won’t sleep. There’s a point where you cannot retain info anyway once you reach a certain level of mental fatigue. You can give yourself a CNS boost, but not a brain-boost so to speak. Add that to little sleep and you’ll bomb the test anyway.

My advice (coming from many years in the education system)- 1) Study the day before the test. 2) Always sleep on the info; your subconscious will sort, file and “examine” the info while you sleep, 3) get up early the day of the test and study again. Morning, after you’ve fully woken up, is an excellent time to study as the brain is primed for performance. And remember, many smaller study sessions are more effective than the one long session, even if the same amount of overall time is used. 4) Do not cram. An hour before the test, relax and don’t crack a book. Come into the class confident and watch the others panic trying to get more info in. This never works because the body perceives cramming as an emergency and the info doesn’t “stick.” 5) Dress up for the test. Trust me on this one.

In short, I’d use Power Drive and maybe caffeine the night before, and then use it again in the morning before the test. I’d skip the ECA for testing, or at least the “e” and “a”. For things like SATs you’ll already be nervous and I think being overstimulated could lead to text anxiety i.e. blanking out.

BTW, back when I was a high school teacher, and before I came to work for T-mag, I used to pass out baggies of Power Drive to students taking SATs. It was a secret weapon among those shooting for scholarships based on high scores.

were you serious about number 5. if so, how would that help?

thanks for the info, i really need the boost after a long days work and then 3 hours of boring business courses at the graduate level. you guys rock!!! laters pk

I don’t know what Chris’ reasoning is, but there have been studies that show that academic performance improves when students wear uniforms. (I attended a school that nukes at least 95 per cent of American public schools and part of that school’s success ws no doubt tied to uniforms.) Other studies show that dress codes and uniforms improve performance in a workplace. Basically, if one looks like one means business, it has a not so subtle subconcious effect of making one mean business. We do tend to live up or down to our appearance. I’d guess that Chris has either seen studies on this stuff, seen it work in his experience with students, or both.

If you dress up and look good, you will feel better about yourself. And when you feel good, you usually perform better.
Power Drive is nice to use before a long hard test.

Ridalin (sp?) is A-number-1 in my book when it comes to studying for finals or other tests when it comes to memorization of lots of material. I also like to do a long study session about a week before a final and then daily short sessions leading up to the exam.

Chris, would my body develop a tolerance to powerdrive if I used it every day or every other day? Oh, and any idea when Brock will finish Euphoria? The first week of school isn’t over and I know I’ll be stressed as hell by October.

I used it every day for a 6 weeks straight, didnt get any tolerance problems and i use it ALOT a work with a tiny amount of the ECA stack(half a cap) and that works fantastic for focus. The ‘dress up’ part of it definitely helps. Companys that have a ‘dress down friday’ or similar usually notice a 20% downturn in output/work/efficiency. We rarely have them here, but when we do, our call rates all drop, and as a rule less gets done. One thing i found helped, not usually a fan but 15/20 mins or so of fairly intense cardio in the morning has been shown in loads os studies to improve performance - tried it myself and it improved my clarity immensly. Worth a try.

Yes, everyone has it right about dressing up. I’ve seen studies and have seen it work in the real world. My last few years in public education were spent preparing students for standardized tests. I was a “hired gun” like Coach Davies, only our playing field was a bubble-in test! I always encouraged students to dress up and feel professional on testing day. Just don’t dress up so much that you feel uncomfortable.

As for “adapting” to Power Drive, no, most people actually get better results the longer they use it. Still, I tend to save it for tough workouts and situations where a lot of mental energy is needed.

BTW, Biotest has thought about adding caffeine to it, but that would make in go against the rules in the Olympics, and we have a lot of Olympians on it. (Mostly sprinters as I recall.)