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Power Drive

Hey guys, I am a shotput thrower. I was thinking of supplementing with Power Drive before trainings and competition. How would you rate power drive for this purpose? I have tried ephedrine-based stimulants and I got so jacked up that it screw up my technique big time. In addition, what other supps would you guys recommend?
Thanks in advance.

Jud Logan (the hammer thrower) added 110lbs to his squat in 3 weeks while using Power Drive. How does that sound? He was also on a Charles Poliquin routine & getting Active Release done on him by Mike Leahy.

one dose of power drive and 100 mg caffeine works excellent for those who don’t do too well on the ephedra type products

Power Drive rocks, for me it has a much better effect when I’m stressed and trying to lift. When I’m under alot of pressure from school etc. all my explosive lifts drop in weight, not only does the stuff prevent that, but the first time I tried it my power clean went up 15lbs.

Power Drive is Great. I am also a thrower and I love to stack power drive with other stimulants like MD6 and extra caffiene. I haven’t noticed any problems with technique. You might want to try practicing with it in the off season then just use the stack for competitions.

in all honesty, i didnt get much out of powerdrive.

Awesome stuff! I use it mainly for studying and leg day.

I’m hooked on Power Drive. Whether at the office or for training, it’s helped me immensely. Tastes pretty good too. Sometimes I’ll add a bit of caffiene to really get me reved up.