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Power Drive


Hi. I just got some Power Drive and it says I should take it on an empty stomach before working out. But I eat breakfast like 1.5 hours before working out, so my stomach is not empty before I workout. Plus I usually start drinking some Surge or coffee with milk or something about 30 min. prior. How should I use it?

Also, what have been other's experiences with it?



Waterbury's newest article recommends using Power Drive after workouts for recovery benefit.

I haven't tried it that way yet. I have a lot of trouble with all the supplements that say on an empty stomach. I eat the recommended 6-8 times per day. So, when is it empty, except 1st thing in the morning.


On the same subject, how do those of you who use both Power Drive and Surge coordinate it?


I take Power Drive just before I drive to the gym on as empty of a stomach as I can manage (again, eating 6x day makes this tough). I find it gives me a good boost throughout my workouts. I've been taking it before my weekly hockey games and think it helps my energy and endurance a bit, too.

I keep my water-filled shaker in the car with my Surge and creatine in a small container and mix it up and drink it on the way home from the gym.


I eat about an hour before I workout. I take a double dose of Power Drive 30 minutes before I workout, then I take my Surge as soon as I get back home.


Sounds good. Since I'm planning to see how Power Drive impacts my training, I'll give this method a shot.


Thanks Jilly-seems like a good way of doing it