Power Drive

I just finished my exams last week. Around 6 weeks before the exams I started taking Power Drive, that stuff really does help concentration, Excellent stuff, although I felt it affected my sleep I think as I lay there awake till about 4 in the morning at just couldn’t seem to get some solid sleep, but then again Im not sure if this is attributable to the Power Drive or just me worrying about my exams.
Anyway does anyone know when Euphoria is being released?

It seems as though I have a hard time sleeping as well after taking powerdrive.

Isn’t Euphoria one of those products that was scrapped by Biotest? I think I heard this around here at some point.

You shouldn’t take Powerdrive within like 6 hours of going to bed. If you take it at the recommended dosages and in the morning it shouldn’t affect your sleep.