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Power Drive

I just got some powerdrive, and I’m wondering what is the best time to take it. The package says to take a dose before a workout, but I’ve heard others saying they just have some after waking up, and before going to sleep. What has worked for you guys? Also, does anybody have trouble going off of it? Does it become a crutch? Thanks.

Take it about an hour to half an hour before training. Some take it every morning just for the mental edge all day in school or at their jobs. Don’t take it at night.

Thanks for the info. There’s one more thing, if anybody knows, do I have to take it on an empty stomach? I work out right after a meal.

I would definitely take it on an empty stomach for absorbtion purposes. Also I like to take a double serving if using it before training. If you want to some have recommended to mix it with some type of carbonated or effervescent drink to increase absorbtion.

If you take Powerdrive before going to sleep, you can kiss good-night sleep good bye. You won’t be able to sleep at all unless you haven’t slept in 3 days. Just take it in the morning or before work out.

I take it about 2 hours before my workout, which is usually about 1:00pm. I never take it late in the day though. PD: still the most under-rated sup out there.

Just to forewarn you, don’t take it with T2-pro if too much tyrosine gives you a headache as it does me.

Thanks for all the info. I’ve been taking it on a full stomach, which would probably explain why it wasn’t working for me. Also, has anybody ever heard of something called Cytomax? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

Cytomax=glorified gatorade. Actually, it’s okay for long distance running but I don’t like it for lifting purposes.

take it before you train and when you need mental stimulation, like examination time or when you are tired. I have no trouble coming off and on even on 2 servings per workout. The endurance is amazing. laters pk