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Power Drive Vs Spike For Workout


Im looking for something that i can take pre-workout, mostly for 7am lifts and practices during my offseason (d3 football). Ive been reading up on Spike and Power Drive, and was wondering what everyone thought about which would be better for an energy boost during the workout.


From my experience, Spike is a little more noticeable for me. Its salvaged some workouts were I was a little down on sleep; and made some were I was totally rested, incredible.

That being said, I started Carbolin 19, two weeks ago, so I stopped useing Spike, and switched to Power Drive.

My .02, I'd opt for Spike.



I get nothing out of Spike, but the times I've used Power Drive it really heightened all of my senses. It didn't hype me up, just brought everything into focus.


Spike, definitely. If you're a big guy take two. Some people take more though it is not officially condoned.


I like Spike for workouts, definitely adds something to the workout, can't comment on Power Drive never used it.



Spike is OK for me as a general pick-me-up, but for pre-workout I prefer Power Drive stacked with 200 mg caffeine and 12.5 - 25 mg ephedrine. I also use the Power Drive postworkout and on non-training days first thing in the morning.


I use Spike on ME days and Power Drive on DE days. Off days I use Spike as well.


Anyone used both and want to comment?


yes i use both, recently started scheduling some 6am workouts, and consistently prefer Power Drive first thing a.m..

i share the thoughts of the poster above and like Spike as a general stimulant. i'm also definitely more conscious of the hightened feeling that Spike gives over Power Drive. but my experience has been that Power Drive delivers, physically...you know that feeling when you feel like total shit and drag your ass to the gym ass to go lift, even thinking you might make it a quick maintainence day but end up having a killer workout ? that's what i get from Power Drive.

Spike makes me feel more up about going, but the drive really delivers me through the work.


I prefer Spike many times over Power Drive. I've given Power Drive three trys now, and each time, nothing.

Spike OTOH, worked immediately after the first trial. I have found that two works better for me, but I have friends that get great output from one.

Currently, I've been using Fast Twitch from Cytosport. My buddy is sponsored by them, so we've been giving it a pretty good test the last two weeks. I'd say the results are similar to Spike if not better. I'm not sure which product I like better, but either two for me have been the best neuro-stimulants that I've tried.


I use both and find them both highly effective. I use Spike only if I feel unusualy tired or sleepy, as a wake up call, but since I tend to train in the afternoon I use Power Drive pre workout.

I find if I take Spike when I feel normal it pushes me a little to far, but with Power Drive I feel no effects but they are effevident in my preformance. So basicly Spike to get my mind into the game, and powerdrive to get my body in the game.


They're different. Spike keeps me going, Power Drive makes me stronger (and feel stronger). Honestly, I was skeptical inre Power Drive's effect on strength, but I hit a few PRs on it, forgot to take it the next time, and had a lot of trouble doing the same weight and in one case had to lower it about 10%.

Hahaha, I love how some hidden force magically capitalized the product names in my post. :wink:


Recently, I've been stacking 1/2 a Spike, and a scoop of Power Drive before I workout (I use both because I study shortly after workouts). I'm constantly haveing great workout on otherwise average days. I don't want to leave the gym.

I'm going to try 1/2 a Scoop of Power Drive to see how that goes...


THis makes sense. I recently started 6am workouts as well, and use Spike. I definately feel a difference as opposed to working out with no Spike. Regarding Power Drive, some say they "feel" something. I thought Power Drive's effects were on strength. If this is not exclusively the case, what feeling does it offer. (I just feel a little stronger.)


i don't perceive any "feeling" from Power Drive but my workouts are always physically on. with Spike i perceive a "feeling" of mental acceleration which increases focus, motivation and ambition which may, but doesn't necessarily, translate to a physical boost. so usually i choose Power Drive for workouts and Spike for work.


Spike is my drug. It's effects are a bit unpredictable to me, sometimes I take 3 and get nothing out of it, then just today I was tired all day, then I took one, and I'm flying.

I still don't understand why you shouldn't take it with the other supplements, since I take HOT-ROX regularly and taking Spike a couple of hours later has gotten me no ill effects.

I vote for Spike.