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Power Drive use for the

Sorry if this isn’t the right forum for this, but didn’t know where to post it.

Anyway, searching on Power Drive I find a lot about the physical advantages from taking it. How it helps preworkout and a lot of other nice “physical” benefits. However, I’m more interested in the possible “mental” benefits from using it.

I read Christian Thibaudeau’s article about all the uses of PD, and it sounds like that one is right what I need right now. I get up in the early morn to workout, then head to work, then classes for my Master’s degree, -and- I recently learned that I have a bit of a one time chance to take the NSCA’s CSCS exam. I say this because I live in Puerto Rico, and they’re hosting the exam on October 17 - I need to register by August 8. In his article, Thibaudeau mentions how it is a favorite supplement for college students cramming for exams. Well, guess that’s what my situation is going to be.

Cramming for exam, working hyper on my thesis (it’s not fitness related in any way), doing my job at an advertising agency, and the time I invest working out. What sort of use/dosage of PD would be recommended for a 24 year old 5’10" male at 180 lbs that will be seeing little sleep and doing a lot for the about 4 months? Or would you guys suggest something else? If I miss out on taking the exam this year, I may not get a chance until 2005 at the earliest - or unless I take a trip to someplace in the US to take it. But I’d rather take it when it will be available on the “home team” area.

Oh yea, disclaimer about English not being my native language just in case, but I think I handle it pretty well :).