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Power Drive Usage

I am new to the supplement game. After a a 5 year leave of working out, I have been back in the gym for the last two months.
Currently, I am using Low Carb Grow, Surge, ZMA, and I just finished my first bottle of Hot-Rox. I will wait for Alpha Male instead of purchasing another bottle.
Because of my work schedule I have to workout in the mornings. Basically my diet consists of 3 MRP’s a day plus two meals. And on my workout day I use Surge.
My question is if I started taking Power Drive when I woke up then followed it with post workout Surge would this be okay? So basically my first two caloric intakes on the days I workout would be Power Drive than followed by Surge. Or would It be better to have a meal or an MRP in between taking these two?

Power Drive is not a significant source of calories, so you’ll probably want to consume something in addition to it prior to training.

Hi, there, Silom!!! Litespeed is right. It’s not a good idea to work out on an empty stomach. It’s excessively catabolic and will lead to unnecessary muscle loss. Try to drink a protein shake in an hour to an hour and a half before you work out. The protein shake is acutally more important than PowerDrive is when it comes to protecting LBM. If you have to, set your alarm clock, chug down a shake, go back to bed for a bit and proceed as usual.

So TampaBayTerry if I follow you correct should I drink a protein shake first than maybe rest some more and than before I go to the gym drink Power Drive.
Or would I be better off not worrying about taking Power Drive?

Thank You

In your first post you state that you just finished a bottle of Hot Rox and that you won’t buy more and will wait for Alpha Male to come out. In case you aren’t aware, Alpha Male will be a combo of Tribex and Red Kat, and isn’t related to the Hot Rox product. The future product that will be a hopped up HR is Red Bands. No one knows for sure, but it may be quite awhile for it to come out. Just an FYI.

There is nothing wrong with taking both a protein shake and Power Drive pre-workout. In fact, it’s desirable. Just be sure to take the protein 60-90 minutes before the workout and the PD 30-60 minutes before. I’d recommend at least 30 minutes between them, but that may not be a big deal.

Thanks Bino. I guess I got Alpha Male and Red Bands mixed up.
If it will be awhile before Red Bands comes out than I will get myself another bottle of Hot Rox. For me it takes away my cravings.

Silom, I have to admit I’m struggling with this one because of the early hour. The ideal time frame would be something like this:

Protein shake 2 hours before workout
PowerDrive 45 minutes before workout (and coffee or green tea if you like/benefit from the caffeine)
1-hour workout
Surge during and/or immediately after workout
P+C meal 90 minutes after Surge

PowerDrive has some amino acids in it. If you take it with your protein shake, they compete for uptake and are less effective. The problem, obviously, is that you workout early and you’re probably trying to get in your nutrition and supps when you’d rather be sleeping.

I just hate to see someone working out on an empty stomach after an all-night fast. Working out is catabolic enough, that you don’t want to be doing it on an empty stomach.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!