Power Drive Solution Stability?

How long would the active components in Power Drive last if left in solution? Say, if I mixed a serving of Power Drive in a water bottle in the morning, would I still get the benefits if I drank it 8-12 hours later?


I don’t know the answer to your question but as for a real world example, I’ve mixed my PD at night and had it in the morning a few times when I knew I’d be pressed for time in the A.M. It could’ve been only 95% effective, but I couldn’t perceive the difference. I try to mix it right when I take it as a general rule however.

Not sure about that. All I know is I try to mix mine with rather warm water to get a good solution, maybe that’s just wierd.

Thanks for the feedback.

Cold water doesn’t seem to work well with Power Drive. There’s always a bit of undisolved stuff at the bottom.