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Power Drive--So Confused Now.


I am now seeing people take Power Drive after their workout. I could have sworn when I was taking it maybe a year ago before my workout it was working great.

Do I also need to take it after my workout? Or will taking it before my workout still help with CNS recovery? Also what in Power Drive actually helps your CNS recover? Does it simply replace whatever the CNS loses during extreme workouts? Because I was under the impression that it just made your CNS work harder that is why you could at times lift more or concentrate better. Thanks for any help.


Why don't you just try it at both times and see what works best for you?

This is all that really matters, so there's no need to overcomplicate things.


Fuck it dude. Do both. I take a scoop when i wake up in the morning and then i have one after my workout. I have been doing that for a few years now actually.


I bought Power Drive as a pre workout supp. It is supposed to keep the neurotransmitters in your brain popping for more focus on you lifts. I use Surge during and PWO.


I've seen both Dr. Lowery and CT write about using it as a CNS recovery method after heavy or dynamic sessions.

Makes sense...I'm going to try it with my next order.


the instructions say to take it pre-workout. still, i find it to be an excellent all over body-tonic. you know, tightens pores, improves definition. sometimes i throw a cup or two into my recuperative baths.


Do you realize what you have just done with this post?