Power Drive Serving

Found out the other day that I could use about half the recommended dose of Power Drive and still get the same effect.

So, for those of you who use the product, like moi, now you can save a couple of bucks! That’s always a good thing

Do you mix yours with club soda as some have suggested?

No,haven’t heard of that. Simply found out bc some powder fell out of my bottle right before a 3hr class, so I was forced to take a smaller dose and it worked fine.

Since then i’ve used it at 1/2 dose w/ same results.

What a great product, delivers exactly what it says it does!
Props to Biotest for such a high-quality supplement that ALWAYS delivers

Some believe the carbonation in club soda makes Power Drive work faster and better. Just curious if you took it that way. I’ll try half a serving. Thanks!

Karen, stick with plain old water. The mixture won’t completely dissolve in club soda.


It is better in club soda. If it doesnt dissolve fully, keep stirring/shaking. OY

Hey trench never had any problems with PD dissolving in seltzer? Anyway the seltzer is used to increase the absorbtion to an extent but mostly to speed up the time it takes for the effects to kick in.

uhhh…it desolves just fine for me.

Is it just the carbonation that is supposed to help? Probably taste pretty good with a Fresca. :slight_smile:

I actually have a very tough time getting it to dissolve completely in water. 2 of my tubs are about a year old, I am sure that does not help…