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Power Drive Serving Size?


Hey, I just got a container of Power Drive. It came with an extra big scooper. Using one of the scoopers from a Superfood (5g), the Power Drive scooper looks like its 15g (3 of the smaller scoopers worth). The back of the Power Drive container says a serving is 7.5g. So am I supposed to be using 1/2 of the scooper?

The other reason I ask is because there were only about 20 servings/scoops in the container with the big scooper, when the label says ~30.

Is this normal or did I just get the wrong scooper or something?

Kind of a geeky question, but I used 1/2 a scoop yesterday (7.5g) and didn't get any sort of reaction. I'm going to try a full scoop tomorrow and see what happens, but at that rate, it starts to affect how many servings come in a container, which affects the proportional price/cost of using it.


Scoops aren't measured in g's, they are in cc's

Where 5g of X may be 10cc, 5g of Y may be 15cc

Use the scoop that came with the product


or use a scale


Yeah, but the thing is, when I use the scoop that came with it, I got 21 servings out of the container. Which is a far cry from the ~31 that the label says it contains. I can understand being off by a couple but not off by 50%. (especially considering that Superfood usually measures out within half a serving of what it is supposed to.)

Thats what was throwing me off. Maybe I need to go find a really small scale...


I checked my scoop and its 20cc and I'm pretty sure I got close to 28 servings last time.. I do usually do heaping scoops, so I may use a fraction more than 1 serving at a time.


If you look at the bott of this page, you will see a toll free number. Call and voice your concern.