Power Drive Reviews?

Does anyone have experience with Power Drive, particularly outside of workouts? I’m having difficulty adjusting to my workload and classes at a new school, and I absolutely cannot fuck up during junior year to get into the schools I want. I was thinking about ordering some to try and get my mind running faster and working more efficiently, assuming it works like it’s supposed to. I just haven’t heard much about it, it sounds like it’s one of Biotest’s more underused/obscure supplements.

And yeah, I’d like to improve my lifts too.

I agree, I cant find any reviews on the web, does anyone have any?

There’s a great thread on nootropics somewhere around here…

I think the upshot was that the racetams (particularly oxiracetam) and vinpocetine are the go-to supplements for this sort of thing.

As for Biotest stuff, I would go with Spike over Power Drive for studying. I like Power Drive in the gym but I haven’t noticed anything extraordinary outside of that.

At any rate, Power Drive is pretty cheap compared to the other things I mentioned so give it a go.

only the first time i tried it; did i feel more awake.

from what i can recall its more a supplement to prime your CNS (let me know if i’m off on this)

i’d snag a $9 packet of Spike if your looking for energy. that shit is amazing.

now stop looking at supplements and GO EAT SOMETHING!

I’m a big fan of Power Drive for mental recovery from intense training.

I’m much fresher after training and think much better when using it.