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Power Drive Questions

I’ve got a few questions regarding this stuff. If someone wouldn’t mind answering, that would be awesome.

  1. Is this stuff stimulant free? I checked the ingredients and didn’t see anything that I knew to be a stimulant, but I wanted to make sure of this before I bought it. It’d be nice to have something I could take before evening workouts that won’t keep me up all nighht long.

  2. For those of you who have used it: How effective is it? Did you find it better as a pre-workout supplement, or an all-around supplement?

  3. Would this be safe for an 18 y/o athlete to take? I don’t want to be screwing up my endocrine system this early.

Thanks in advance for your help.

  1. while it is not a stimiulant like caffiene, it does have the ability to get the brain and nervous system going. this coupled with workouts may cause insomnia. on the other hand, you might sleep like a baby. it is hard to say until you try it. the effect is definately less noticable than with something like normal Spike.

  2. it is quite effective as long as everything else you do is in line. many people say it has no effect because they cannot ‘feel’ it. it can be used pre-workout, but also post workout to help CNS recovery if you are training multiple times per day.

personally i have found that it is effective as a preworkout supp. i have used it alone and in combination with caffiene-free Spike and HOT-ROX.

  1. it is safe for any healthy adult to take and the only effects on the endocrine system should be increased training stress allowed before decreased test due to overtraing/underrecovery. ie: i expect a slight adaptogenic effect.
  1. I think the first response covered this well. You’ll just have to try it and see.

  2. The most underrated supplement here. For a while I was using Power Drive post-workout to help with CNS recovery. I’ve now gone back to using it pre-workout and I love the feeling of euphoria that last throughout my workout. I definitely notice I can increase the weight on my lifts at a faster pace when I use Power Drive.

  3. You’ll be just fine.