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Power Drive Produces Powerful Performance

With the recent price cuts and some stuff I had read here in the Forum, I decided to try some Power Drive. I hadn’t tried it in the past, as it had seemed like an expensive ‘extra’; nice if you could afford it, but…

Anyway, all I can say is this stuff is just amazing. There is a quantifiable difference in the quality of my workout now that I’m using it. ‘Focus’ begins to describe the impact Power Drive has, but it really delivers so much more.

When I use Power Drive, its like my attention span has increased: Instead of getting tired/lazy/sloppy on the last few reps in a set, I can now stay focused on striving for correct form every rep throughout the set. When I get to that last set for a particular muscle group, I have the clarity of mind to finish strong and not wimp out on reps or technique.

Using Power Drive keeps my thoughts centered on my workout during my workout and not on other crap. Heck, I know it sounds weird, but even my vision seems sharper during my workout.

I’m not a guy who uses a lot of supps…just GROW & SURGE…but POWER DRIVE has become a ‘must have’ in my supplement arsenal. If you haven’t tried it, you really should.

Ditto! Also, I just opened up a new bottle today and the taste has been improved. My new bottle tastes much better than the one I just finished. The old wasn’t bad but the new batches are definitely tastier.

Gotta have this shit for leg days! I’m hooked!

Dude I know. As a side note, I am a horrible golfer. I have the skills but cannot use them consistantly so I usually end up shooting low to mid nineties. Last week I took a serving of Power Drive before golfing and my focus was incredible. I ended up shooting an 83 which, while not good by some standards, was huge for me. I have taken Power Drive for workouts for quite some time but this is the first time I’ve used it for golf. It’ll be a “must-have” in my pre-golf round regimine from now on.

Gonna order some tonight.

I just made my pre-workout Power Drive cocktail. I brew a cup of green tea, add a scoop of Power Drive with a little bit of stevia to sweeten it. Kills two birds with one stone. I get my pre-workout antioxidants & increase my focus & mental energy.

PD is some awesome stuff. It’s definitely not an extra in my book.

I have a serving every time I lift.

If you haven’t tried this stuff, you should!

I couldn’t agree more with you guys. Power Drive really is a must have supplement. I usually mix mine with some club soda, ee-fed-ruh, and caffeine either before a workout or before a big test… haha… I even took it once… ok twice… OKAY a BUNCH of times before going out drinking and WOW, you experience a whole new feeling of drunkenness. Say good bye to ‘beer goggles,’ with Power Drive you will always stay focused on the task at hand… and of that is, of course, bringing home the hottest woman.

In all seriousness though, if there are some of you out there hesitant to try it, listen to me and give it a try. You will NOT be disappointed!

I’ll add my words of praise as well. This stuff is great. I slacked off and hadn’t worked out on about a month. Took some PD and it was like I never had the lay off. The downside: I was sore as hell for two days post-workout.

Count me as another person that is going to give it a try. As soon as we see the new supplement lineup I’m planning on buying some stuff. With the low price I’ll just add it to the shipment.

I have to chime in hear also. Last week was my first expeience with Power Drive.

It is going to be a part of my regular pre w/o supps. from now on. WOW.

On a side note TT. I thought I was the only freak that would mix it with green tea. LOL. I actually use cold green tea as I brew it by the gallon. I also use G-tea for my liquid in my Surge post w/o.


so Power Drive really works that well huh? i never would have thought so. i play lacrosse, do you think it would help me focus for my games?

I think it would. Give it a try it couldnt hurt. Just down a scoop 1/2-1hr post game or practice. I imagine you will see the results.

On a side note I have a little warning. Today was leg day. I was a bit tired for some reason and decided to add 25mg ephedrine HCL along with my Power Drive. WOW, DO NOT RECOMEND THIS.

I was up and ready to go, thats for sure. To damn up. It was to ther point I was feeling a little ill to my stomach. Had one hell of a workout though. From now on I will just stick to my Power Drive in some green tea.


I’ll have to try the green tea trick! Thanks for that!

Also, there’s much to be said for using Power Drive to kick a coffee habit and start the day out focused.

i love this shit. Power Drive is awesome. I have noticed change in my body comp while taking this stuff. I think it could be helpful for anyone who wants to get shredded

Have to post a reply in here about this as well… I started using Power Drive immediately after the price cut to add to my arsenal of supps and see what kind of effects it would have in the gym. Wasn’t bad, could definately tell a difference, but my gym performance is always affected by a million other factors so wasn’t so sure how much of an effect it really had till I tried some the morning after pullin a 14 hour work day just 5 hours before, and damn what a life-saver! Found a new purpose for that stuff. Afterwards I’ve noticed quite a few ppl around here have been doing the same also.

It doesn’t get me up and going directly or have any kind of speed-like effects or anything, but does help eliminate the hard-core ‘electric’ haziness and brain-deadness that you experiance with a major lack of sleep. Especially multiple days in a row. Helps with motivation too, so have been takin it every work morning since for a while now.

I like to mix it with Vanilla Grow which gives it an orange sherbert-like flavor. Another dual bird kill similar to what Tampa-Terry suggested earlier …Protien and Power Drive. Coffee afterwards is not a bad mix in morn either for those that need that caffeine kick, and I agree with Karen about it being a great tool to help kick that habit if one desired.

Have for sure noticed a bit of a tolerance over time, but was expected after how it first helped and is still much better than going without it. Also still use it for workouts, or any kind of lengthy project I have to takle while not necessarily in the mood, but if I had only one choice as to when to use it, I’d choose the mornings. Either way, is a great product and I’ll be a consumer as long as it’s around.

How much time before a workout would you take it to get the best results? Any thoughts?

Drink it in the car on the way to the gym.

Ok I finally will have a bit of money left over from this paycheck, and i was going to buy some HOT-ROX, but since i am 20% BF i dont think it will be worth it (also id like to try red bands when it comes out) So should i get a bottle of HOT-ROX, or Surge and 2 Power Drives? (got me pondering with this thread :slight_smile: )

You should be able feel the diff within the first half hour to hour of taking it. Has always takin me about 50 minutes to reap the benefits and energy from anything I eat. I used to notice this a lot after working in a production plant for a while and came to find that whenever I had a sudden uplift in mood and energy (more motivation, jammin out more parts per minute, etc.) I would notice it was always the same times during the day and ended up being 50 minutes after each scheduled break in which I’d eat a meal during each. Would give me no longer than a 10-15 minute ‘high’ then would be back down to what I began with. When you’re constantly on your feet and non-stop moving for 10 hrs/day, you really notice how much food will replenish your fuel stores.

The point is that it still takes time to digest and get into the blood stream, and all things ingested and all people have slightly different break down times and metabolic rates. Some things only take a matter of minutes, some magnitudes longer. Pretty common sense, but am sure you know that. Takes me on an empty stomach in the morning at least a minimum of a half hour before feeling it, but that’s not to say that it takes that long for others.

Your best bet is to give it at least a few minutes and just experiment with how you feel. No matter though, it’ll still help somewhat as long as you workout for a decent amount of time so it’ll have time to kick in somewhere along the lines if you decide not to wait a few min before lifting. Just better to figure out how fast your body responds to it and adjust accordingly. You should be able to tell.

…just 2 more cents though, am sure quite a few others can offer more details and experiances as well.


? Where’d that q come from? :slight_smile:

HOT-ROX works great regardless of what your bf% is, assuming your diet and training are on the right path. I think I mentioned in another post that it continues to work well even at lower bf%s.

If your doing some hardcore dieting go for some HOT-ROX and maybe some Power Drive (it’ll help with the headaches, cravings, and other ailments of extreme dieting, HOT-ROX also has some feel good stuff in it to help with that).

Surge is helpful too though when dieting. I might suggest picking up the HOT-ROX on netrition and any Surge and/or Power Drive through the online T-Mag store though (save a few $).