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Power Drive/Phosphatidyl Serine Stack

Has anybody tried stacking Power Drive with Phosphatidyl Serine or Acetyl Carnitine? In general, is it better to take phosphatidyl serine before or after workouts for reducing coritsol levels?

Powerdrive and PS work well together. Take the PS before workouts for cortisol reducing effects. Do not take more than 800mg 3-4 times a week.

Mike Mahler

yes, too much PS is definitely dangerous. i don’t think this is stressed enough with recommendations. especially if you have asthma.

Thanks, Mike. I am going to try to this stack for 6 weeks and let you guys know. Charlie P. is big on PS and thinks that it’s better to lower cortisol than to raise test.
Maybe Power Drive will add this ingredient to “supercharge” it.