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Power Drive + MD6

I used to take MD6 daily and liked it. However, over the past month I went off MD6 and started taking Power Drive. Now that I think I have gotten over my MD6 addiction (LOL), I am willing to take it more conservatively. Can I use MD6 in conjunction with Power Drive before workouts? I have not tried caffein with Power Drive yet. Any thoughts on this? Thanks for the help.

Yes. It’s a mighty fine pre-workout stack. Read the “Jack Yo Ass Up” article at T-mag. It’s a bit outdated, but they talk about this stack in there.

How do you expect to properly recover after using TWO workout boosters? While you may be able to do more in the gym, won’t it be tough to heal that much damage?

Thanks for the reply guys. I am going to give it a try for my workout today. I will report how it goes (I may be reporting from intensive care).

If you use it right, md6 + powerdrive is one lethal combo, I use it real sparingly, only when I have a hockey game (Im a goalie), or just a real tough workout ahead or me. It pumps me up so much its almost sick, if they could find a way to make the body unadaptable to the effects, I would use it everyday.

OK, I had a very good workout using 2 pills of MD6 and two scoops of PowerDrive. I did not feel jittery or anything, which I was worried about. I haven’t used MD6 for a solid month, but had used it quite a bit before that with good effects. I feel the “stack” of the two is very good and should be used with workouts. I will continue to stay “off” MD6 and only use it with PowerDrive on workout days. I will also continue to use PowerDrive on a daily basis (1 scoop in the midmorning). FYI - I am 37, 6’, 202 pounds, est. 12-14% BF.

Anyone else using this stack and have any thoughts? Or anyone have any good thoughts on the use of PowerDrive? I think I really like PowerDrive and it is more “healthy” to take daily than the MD6 (especially since you can’t really get MD6 anymore).

speaking of MD6 addictions and being pumped for workouts…One of my buddies here in the barracks was feeling kinda blah b4 one of his workouts so he came to me (i guess you could call me the supplement guru around here) looking for something to pep him up, so i slipped him 2 MD6’s out of my last half bottle. Dang, not only did he have a great workout, he didn’t sleep that night, and he loves the stuff to the point where i gotta hide it now to keep his paws off of it! RIP MD6, RIP.

Here’s more info on Power Drive, Hugeness, if you haven’t read it yet: www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/233super.jsp