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Power Drive Is Awesome!


All i can say is freaking WOW and WOW again!

i received this yesterday, and was feeling really crappy this morning and really felt like i over slept

So i decided what the heck, i will give Power Drive a go!

And boy did it give me a go!

I only took a 1/2 of the recommended surving on a very empty stomach(no food, just water) (because it's new, and do not know the effects)

but it was AWESOME!

My headache was gone, and i was alert, and my groggieness was gone in! ALL in like 30 min,

All i can say is Biotest this is a great supplement!



Definitely a fantastic supplement, most likely the best out there. If I know I've got a long night of studying ahead of me I just mix one serving and I'm good to go.


The only way I can describe this stuff is as a "shower for my mind." I love taking it after a workout because it takes away that feeling of complete mental exhaustion after lifting heavy.


if you take it after, then wat about Surge?

and bcaa's?


I take it with my Surge afterwards....... CT recommends this.


Awesome, thanks