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Power Drive in Australia?

Hey everyone,
Wondering if anyone had any experience in getting Power Drive into Australia due to the DHEA in it which, if I’m not wrong, is banned in Aus.
Does it go through customs alright? Is it even banned? etc. Somewhat confused as the Biotest Australia site sells it.

There is no DHEA in Power Drive. There’s DMAE which is entirely 100% different and has nothing at all to do with hormones. Nothing, none, niente, nada. It’s brain food.

I’m not from Australia, so I’m not sure about customs or whatnot. But if you found it on the Biotest site, I’m sure you can get it.

Thanks for that, posted at about 3AM and was having difficulty focusing. How embarrassing =)

its on the shelf in oz mate

Hey sjfou, where at? I haven’t seen any, was thinking about ordering some to give it a go. Just did a big Metabolic Drive order. Was thinking next time I might grab some, along with some Flameout etc. Whereabout in aus are you?

I ordered a bunch of supps the other day, including Power Drive. I’m in Melbourne, and it’s expected to arrive in the next week, so I guess we’ll see if there’s any customs problems.

I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine because the Australia Biotest website sells it, although I’m not exactly familiar with the actual import regulations regarding it (ie, it dosen’t have to be illegal to be seized, just in conflict with certain import laws). shrug

Better to buy from the US site though at the moment, with our dollar at somewhere around .90 it is a god damn bargain.

Yeah, ‘Bargain’ - still expensive compared to prices if we were just buying in the states =)
thats why I just bought a stack of Metabolic Drive. Next order will probably get some Flameout, Power Drive, etc, probably soon while dollar is still relatively high.

hey mate, I get all my Biotest products from www.supplementcity.com.au. If your in Brisbane the store is in Coorparoo.

Not sure how the prices compare to rodering in from the Biotest store (ie. with shipping included) - supplement city are currently selling Power Drive for $75.95AU

Wow, that’s ridiculously high. It’s like 17USD here or something I think.

I just ordered about 5 tubs of Metabolic Drive and it’s been held up at customs at the moment. Anyone had this problem before? I’ll let people in Aus know if it gets through or not to sort of set a precedent if nobody has experience with it. I’m assuming there won’t be as there ARE retailers here who sell it, albeit at a fairly high price.

I received my order today.

2 x Metabolic Drive
1 x Power Drive
1 x Surge
1 x Flameout

There was a hold up at customs where apparently they had to call Biotest for a ingredient list or something of the sort, but eventually it got given the all clear and delivery was the next day. So, from my experience, any of those products should eventually get to you if you ship to AUS, even if there is a minor problem in customs.

Ok awesome thanks for that - I think they were after an ingredients list from me too. Because of course, it’s not on the bottle…

Anyway, on a side note, has anyone in aus got Carbolin 19 / Alpha Male / HOT-ROX in?

Ok got a call from fed-ex stating that it’s all been cleared and I should have my package tomorrow, 5 business days after I ordered, despite the customs delay.

im in Melbs mate - always give any supplement order a month, no matter what shipping method you choose.

Normal HOT-ROX looks like its been discontinued, we cant get the Extreme version here as the ingredient yohimbine is a prohibited import.

Alpha Male & Carbolin 19 should not be a prob though.

Cool thanks sjfou - I’ll be grabbing some Carbolin 19 with next order then probably. Let me know if you want to do a bulk buy to save on shipping. I think someone else told me they were interested in that too. Sort of like what the poms were doing in their thread =)