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Power Drive for mood/mental edge

I’ve read about the physical effects, but can anyone tell me about their experience with Power Drive for mental focus and mood?

I get up before work to trade stocks, and am looking for a boost. Currently I drink a sugar-free Red Bull before I start.

How long does it usually take for you to feel the effects of Power Drive? Also, is it okay to mix it with a Red Bull-type product? This is all on an empty stomach–I know it’s not ideal, but i can’t eat that early in the morning.

Thanks for any input.


Power Drive really doesn’t have many physical effects but many people like to use it for focus for doing things such as you describe like typing, writing etc. It’ll probably take about 20-30 minutes to kick in and isn’t something you really “feel” but you oughta notice you have much better concentration, focus, mental agility and can think clearer. I’m not sure what the ingredients are in sugar free red bull but would imagine it comes with a big dose of caffeine. This + Power Drive oughta have you bouncing at the end of your seat!

There are only about 3g of carbs in the Bull that’s Red without any Sugar. So, I think you’d be fine by mixing the two. However, don’t try to shake anything that’s carbonated in a shaker bottle. You’re asking for trouble:-)

Thank you for the input, Kelly and Tim; I’m going to try it.


I start work at 5 am, and used powerdrive with good results. Had way better focus than without. Couple with my triple shot americano…

Can you say wired?

Just tried PowerDrive for the first time a week ago; had a slight headache, so took 2 Excedrin Migraine. One dose PD + 130mg caffeine (in the Excedrin) made me “up” for the early morning workout; I didn’t tire or lose focus. And talk about mental edge! Of course, I can’t say the rest of the morning crew appreciated my non-stop energy. I didn’t feel “buzzed” the way I do from too much caffeine, either. Taken without caffeine, I find myself getting through the workouts without even THINKING about losing focus or energy. I just DO it, whether early morning or at the end of a long day.

I actually prefer Power Drive for concentration, stress reduction, and focus for work. Before training I still like good old black coffee. So I have Power Drive at breakfast mixed with club soda to increase absorption, and coffee in the afternoon before training. Kind of ass backwards I know but it works for me. Power Drive rocks.

I like PowerDrive. I don’t see too much difference in my workout though. I work out in the a.m. so maybe I’m just fully charged. What it does do for me is prevent me from feeling wiped out after my work out when I’m at work. I’m a scientist and I find that I am more alert post-workout than I was previously. Maybe I’m adapting to the working out though(I was exercise free since 87 until last year).