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Power Drive for Chronic Fatigue?

Hey Everyone,

I have Chronic Fatigue, it can hit for a few days and keep me out of the gym because I am prone to colds during this time. A friend suggested Power Drive to snap out of it when Im feeling tired. What I want to know is can power drive be used just when needed or do you have to stay on it?


Chronic fatigue is sign of a greater issue. Go see a doctor.

Actually it was caused by doctors. I was overdosed on antibiotics for a long time. I have recovered to a point that the “fatigue” is more of an annoyance than a health problem. Not too mention I should get to bed earlier. I was just wondering If power driver needed to be taken on a regular basis to have an effect. BTW, there isnt much doctors can do for chronic fatigue.

Just a question.

Why do you think that being “overdosed” on antibiotics for any length of time caused chronic fatigue?

I doubt that Power Drive would have any effect, but there’s been some talk about creatine being effective as a treatment. (Do a search on T-Mag and some stuff will come up.)

Look into Homeopathic remedies for this. They work great!

Im interested in the creatine theory. I couldnt find it on the site. Can you point it out or give me the jist of it?

here’s another option: modafanil. It’s a prescription drug used for narcoleptics and people with ADHD. It’s also been used in the military and people with fibromyalgia. Basically, it helps you stay awake and alert for the entire day (or longer if the dose is too high). It acts like an amphetimine without the unpleasant side effects.

Of course, I recommend this while also assuming that you are a) getting enough sleep, b) eating enough food (and the right types), and c) not doing anything else that may be causing the fatigue. Good luck!

The creatine testamonial was in Reader Mail about 4-5 months ago. There was also a thread with some info on it on the Steroid forum (believe it or not). Posted by a guy called Random Weights. A search should turn both of them up.

Power Drive may help you when the fatigue hits. To answer your original question you don’t need to stay on it all the time but you also don’t need to worry about staying on it all the time as it is non-addictive and isn’t something you’ll have withdrawal symptoms from when not taking.

I’ll give that a search, thanks. I have some creatine anyway so I’ll let you guys know how it goes.